Thursday, August 4, 2011

№ 31. Abakada Typhoons

Hand me my stash. I have an itch to scratch. Will travel, again.

Manila is depressing when soaked and flooded by Abakada typhoons: Falcon, Goring, Hanna, Ineng, Juaning, Kabayan, Lando. 

All in unbroken succession. Who's next? 

You get the drip? (sorry, can't help it).

I wonder. How much will this minute of lunacy cost? Half a retirement fund? A year's savings? One Toyota van? Or just one crack of the piggy bank?


  1. this is hilarious, N! i wonder when you're coming back? i had a little (okay month-long) blog break, too. but then life should always come first before blogging! enjoy and be well. we'll be here when you get back!

  2. I'm back! Unofficially. Haven't been checking on this, again. commitments. drafts are piling up too.

    Thanks Teacup!