Who We Are 誰

Hello creature from the Alpha Quadrant. You have been assimilated into our collective.

What can you add to our perfection?

These are our undertows: interests, exigencies, data and detrita that help define us and the wrinkled space we inhabit.


We know. But we prefer textured, complex and undefined, thank you.

We're former capitalists who used to churn the matrix of production. Yeah, we blogged about this, too (REM sleep). Now we travel, shoot, eat, drink and write about stuff in our spare time, for anybody who cares to read.

We still work.  Unplugged from the corporate motherboard, we toil as independent, under-the-radar travel junkies. Sniff, sniff and off we go to another road trip high.


"Often out into the wilderness harvesting complexities; but wakes up, happily, in his blue apartment..."

On any given day, I juggle 

       road trips, 
               singularities, world views, 

               hat trickscanons
bento boxes,  
philosophical pets & antsy humans
green metaphors
                                                                           play lists

Avogadro’s Constant = 6.0221415 × 10^23 and other 

workaday ephemera.

I am, by nature, drawn to open lines and spaces, fluidity and pared-down essentials. I sniff out the orphaned middle---they are variables and unknowns that fence sit on the edge, between the extremes of yes and no. I pursue options, possibilities and ambiguities beyond what is certain.

Yes, road trips in Middle Earth must be mind mapped with Borg precision.  

There is much to assimilate.

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