Tuesday, November 29, 2011

№ 60. Scale Me Up, Scotty!

Again, old, time-tested principles are given new lives in tech and biz insights.

Light bulbs!

Monday, November 21, 2011

№ 59. Playing With the Odds

So what are my odds?

I don't have the skill sets to check the claim--- how and where did they get the numbers and assumptions?

If there were some intelligent design that willed my existence, then luck would have been irrelevant. Against all the odds, I would have come into the twilight of history. I must be as special as the other 7 Billion humans now alive. Smug. People, let's start a smug wave.

Or really.

Does this debunk our chance existence? Isn't chance simpler to conceive than a Watchmaker who devised the intricacies that defied probability through the millenia?

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

№ 58. Sunday Lullaby

Empire of the Sun, an old favorite, is being shown in HBO Signature. I saw this first in GMA 7, back when cable meant a written message sent through submarine wires. Late 80s, I think.

Easily recognized is a very young Christian Bale, with his wide-set, glassy eyes. He carried the long film for the most part on the strength of his talent. Impressive!

Spielberg directed this epic and loaded it with imagery and metaphors of the war. Sometimes it felt like a sequence of vintage film slides. I was still awed even though the grand scenes were much diminished by my smallish TV screen.

Some films are meant to be watched on the big screen. This is one of those films. With John Williams's soaring musical scoring, it has to be appreciated with Dolby surround and big bright silver screens.

Huna blentyn ar fy mynwes
Clyd a chynnes ydyw hon;
Breichiau mam sy'n dynn amdanat,
Cariad mam sy dan fy mron;
Ni cha' dim amharu'th gyntun,
Ni wna undyn â thi gam;
Huna'n dawel, annwyl blentyn,
Huna'n fwyn ar fron dy fam.
Huna'n dawel, heno, huna,
Huna'n fwyn, y tlws ei lun;
Pam yr wyt yn awr yn gwenu,
Gwenu'n dirion yn dy hun?
Ai angylion fry sy'n gwenu,
Arnat ti yn gwenu'n llon,
Tithau'n gwenu'n ôl dan huno,
Huno'n dawel ar fy mron?
Paid ag ofni, dim ond deilen
Gura, gura ar y ddôr;
Paid ag ofni, ton fach unig
Sua, sua ar lan y môr;
Huna blentyn, nid oes yma
Ddim i roddi iti fraw;
Gwena'n dawel yn fy mynwes
Ar yr engyl gwynion draw.

English Translation:

Sleep my baby, at my breast,
’Tis a mother’s arms round you.
Make yourself a snug, warm nest.
Feel my love forever new.
Harm will not meet you in sleep,
Hurt will always pass you by.
Child beloved, always you’ll keep,
In sleep gentle, mother’s breast nigh.
Sleep in peace tonight, sleep,
O sleep gently, what a sight.
A smile I see in slumber deep,
What visions make your face bright?
Are the angels above smiling,
At you in your peaceful rest?
Are you beaming back while in
Peaceful slumber on mother’s breast?
Do not fear the sound, it’s a breeze
Brushing leaves against the door.
Do not dread the murmuring seas,
Lonely waves washing the shore.
Sleep child mine, there’s nothing here,
While in slumber at my breast,
Angels smiling, have no fear,
Holy angels guard your rest. (Wikipedia)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saturday, November 12, 2011

№ 56. Advice for the Young-ish at Heart

“Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends.

You are constantly off balance. Nothing is yours except the essential things: air, sleep, dreams, sea, the sky - all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.”

― Cesare Pavese

Bento Box:

I've traveled back in time. Thanks to gmail and my trove of archival data in the past 10 years. I've been deleting mails, spams and other forwarded wisdom.

There is so much history.

I remember circa 2001, email was the status line for online buddies. And forwarded anything---photos, videos, jokes, spams, chain mails, NSFW centerfolds and other trivia---used to pile up on our office inbox.

How far have we come? So far: snail mails, postcards, texts, emails, ym, Facebook updates and tweets. Same content, different media.

The Baz Luhrman video is one of those I came across in the pile.