Monday, April 21, 2014

№ 175. Romblon: Visita Iglesia via the Nautical Highway

Philippine Nautical Highway

If my recollection is accurate, the Strong Republic Nautical Highway plan was announced in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, in 2003, during the time of Arroyo's besieged administration. It aimed to provide a backbone of safe and affordable sea and land transportation for people and goods throughout the archipelago. At least in theory then.

Of course, as with most infrastructure projects, they required huge investments in capital, political will and other essential agents of good governance. Did we mention complex mobilization of resources? Ports, roads and highways had to be built, terminals and transport companies had to be managed and operated and the business models had to pass feasibility.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

№ 174. Questions, Questing and Quests

Why should we bother with these deep probing questions? Aren't we anal enough already about our daily stresses? Daily irritations, concerns, preoccupations, mindfulnesses, tasks, streams of distractions, digital connections that all seem to multiply exponentially. 




Monday, April 14, 2014

№ 173. Idiom and Some Such

You are my idiom:
Socks spooning
My orphaned toes.

You are my color:
Reds lining
My saffron dawns.

You are my nuance:
Bristles nipping
My sore nape.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

№ 172. Me, My Selfie and I

Who are these millenials hiding inside Gen X suits? 

The world is in capable hands, no? These kids will inherit the earth.

They like selfies, traveling and social networks. Their lives are dipped deep in tech and indulgent ecology. Yes, they swim in it like prehistoric life in the primordial soup.

Are these accurate and fair descriptions? Does it matter?

1. Self-centered,
2. tech driven and savvy,
3. unafraid to explore the physical and virtual realities and the spaces in between,
4. sexually fluid and less inhibited,
5. very visual or aural or make that sensual.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

№ 171. Happy Birthday Gmail, Quo Vadis?

Here's food for digital thought: What are the options and risks of Gmail usage. Costs and benefits? Where are we headed? 1984-esque?

Gmail is a superb service, which doesn't cost me a centavo. Yet, as the CNN article said, it's not free. Nothing in life is, as the cliche goes.

I started out with Yahoo but then moved to Gmail not for anything quantum really but simply because the service and the search features were killer. It's all about the delightful user experience. I don't mind sharing my information. As long as I control the bits and pieces I disclose and get to be apprised of the data they're going to mine, dig in big brother Google.

So here goes another turn for singularity. Happy Anniversary Gmail. Maybe I'll regret this much later, but for now, I can't say I'm on the losing end of the deal.