Saturday, January 28, 2012

№ 65. Renewal

It's the new year. It's a season to plant, nurture and grow roots. Let's paint the earth green, kid.

This is an old favorite that refuses to just gather dust and fade in memory. Classics have a way of resisting anonymity and forgetfulness, I guess.


Bento Box:

"The Man Who Planted Trees (French title L'homme qui plantait des arbres), also known as The Story of Elzéard Bouffier, The Most Extraordinary Character I Ever Met, and The Man Who Planted Hope and Reaped Happiness, is an allegorical tale by French author Jean Giono, published in 1953.

It tells the story of one shepherd's long and successful singlehanded effort to re-forest a desolate valley in the foothills of the Alps near Provence throughout the first half of the 20th century. The tale is quite short—only about 4000 words long."

Thanks Wikipedia, please don't black out again.

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