Thursday, April 5, 2012

№ 76. Waking Up to Binary Dreams 2

The VR Glasses actually look minimalist. They don't appear too android-like or,
if you wish, Borg-like. No matter, I like their by-line: "We believe technology should work for you---
to be there when you need it and to get out of your way when you don't." This humanistic bent is 
similar to the one advertised by Nokia some ten years ago about connecting people and about 
having rounded edges instead of sharp ones. Photos from googlepalace.

Cellphones, those hand-carried metal or plastic bricks we see, touch and hear everyday will soon be obsolete. That is, if "evil" Google (insert maniacal laugh track here) and its team of engineers will have their machinations fleshed out. Again, another augmented reality or Flesh + Machine specie. The Borg-like reality isn't really that far out or implausible anymore.

Seven of Nine with remnants of the Borg implants after she was
disconnected from the hive mind.

Enter the 'Project Glass' or the virtual reality glasses (VR Glasses) which was unveiled today. Gates won't like this (You think? Windows 8 is still a millennium away) and Jobs will turn in his virtual grave (iPhones and iPads will lose their stranglehold over us all).

I can imagine that the VR Glasses will have some wireless connection to a computer--- processor, memory, batteries and input/output terminals. This computer could be in the form of another wearable device--- a watch, a pendant, a belt or maybe just another brick.

Exciting times, up ahead, Scotty! Tractor Beams, to follow.


"NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Siri is about to get one-upped by Google. The company on Wednesday unveiled a long-rumored concept called "Project Glass," which takes all the functionality of a smartphone and places it into a wearable device that resembles eyeglasses.

The see-through lens could display everything from text messages to maps to reminders. They may be capable of showing video chats, providing turn-by-turn directions, taking photos and recording notes -- all through simple voice commands, according to a concept video produced by the company and released on YouTube.

Project Glass is nowhere near complete, and Google (GOOG, Fortune 500) says it only went public with its effort to gather outside feedback. The stealth project has been in development for two years by a small team of engineers.

The "heads-up display" glasses were born in Google's Google X lab, which is the same future-thinking research facility that developed a driverless car and is working on a space elevator.

5 new looks for your future PC

Google has no timeline for when the device will go on sale, but Google X engineers are beginning to use prototypes outside of the lab's walls.

One thing they're working on in field tests: The researchers haven't yet decided whether the glasses should be stand-alone or be wirelessly powered by a smartphone...." (more at CNN Money)

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