Saturday, October 20, 2012

№ 95. Piano Recital at McDonald's

"Für Elise" was the prescribed recital piece before we were advanced to Grade 4.

"Known also as Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor for solo piano by Ludwig van Beethoven, it's classified as a trifle, light piece. Sometimes referred to as an 'Albumblatt' or 'Album Leaf', these pieces are short, pleasant, and not particularly demanding on the performer. 'Album leaf' was the name for pieces written in dedication to a friend or admirer, to be inserted into their album or autograph book." (Wikipedia)

Almost daily, on the way to school, I heard this anthem played by a good number of cars backing up to park by the road. So I almost learned to hate it as eagerly as I practiced its arpeggios. Ms. Aguas's notes during each rehearsal about "phrasings, dynamics and clarity" especially in the B section of the piece has stuck with me. They have become mental tattoos!

The recital ended on a high note, thankfully.

The Big Mac happy meal bought by Gua-Kong (my maternal grandfather), after the painful wait (3rd to the last, out of 15 students!), was a "happy" relief after that ordeal at the keys. The Big Mac meal was about P27.50 then (1988), it's now P150 (2012).

Inflation and economic value systems can really be arbitrary. The Big Mac is definitely more expensive now than Beethoven's Bagatelle which is available as a free download on the internet.

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