Thursday, December 13, 2012

№ 106. Is Smeagol a Hobbit?

Id:  That was Lee Pace!?

Ego:  The brows, the brows, Bilbo.

Superego: Of course.

Id:  Too long?

Superego:  More to come, in two more parts, I heard.

Ego:  Three parts. Trilogy....

Id:  Well, there's Silmarillon and all the footnotes to supply the wealth of details, songs, lores, histories and cosmology of Erda.

Ego:  Yup. Smaug's eye, last scene, doesn't it remind you of something?

Superego: The flaming eye!

Suporego: Thorin's the father of Legolas.

Ego: Sou desu ka?

Id: Iie, Thranduil, the father of Legolas is.

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