Tuesday, January 7, 2014

№ 144. Minutiae

It was a comedy about, oh, nothing. You know, stuff that really don't matter much. But his nonsense packs a dense field of gravity, LMFAO. He is a demigod of details. Minute observations are the hypotheses that line his lab notes.

"Seinfeld talks about his comic routines as if they're discovered rather than created: observations that are out there, camouflaged against the patterns of everyday life, waiting for him to detect them. One example: the other day, his two sons were arguing, because one of them had farted. "They were accusing each other – 'he who smelt it dealt it!' – and I just thought, Jesus, these guys need some new material. That's the same thing I was saying when I was five. Fifty years ago! Kids! I can't believe they're still doing the same material!" (The Guardian)

And, like Kant, he has stuck to a clockwork method to his comedic madness. He keeps to a weekly routine like a regular zen meditation. And the guy lives in New York!--- the melting pot of neuroses and all that spices that give life a kick.

"All the way through, from first standup shows to stardom, he forced himself to work by marking a cross on a calendar for every day he wrote material; soon enough, he had a long chain of crosses, and kept going partly because he didn't want to break the chain." (The Guardian)

I miss that 90s show.  But yes, well, he has a series that sounds familiar but definitely reformatted for the cloud: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

2014 is off to a happy start.

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