Sunday, November 1, 2015

№ 227. Gedankenexperimente in Ateneo

First Station of the Cross: Last Supper Sculpture
College Chapel, Ateneo de Manila University

Back in college, when the Rizal Library was still housed in two adjoining buildings and when Ateneo was still a single college, the library was a favorite "third place". It offered an airconditioned haven where students could quietly hang out, sleep, study and cool off between classes, oral exams, presentations and org meetings.

Last week, when I visited the place in the middle of a busy semester, I was glad I saw that new additions were built in the campus. The new college grounds now house new buildings, halls, pocket gardens and spaces although much of the old layout and roads have been preserved.

The chapel, although renovated, retained its quiet, reassuring charm.

From the unified College of Arts and Sciences, the Ateneo  was reorganized into seven autonomous schools: Law (Rockwell, Makati City), Medicine (Ortigas, Pasig City), Government (Rockwell, Makati City), Management (Loyola, Quezon City), Humanities (Loyola, Quezon City), Sciences and Engineering (Loyola, Quezon City),  and Social Sciences (Loyola, Quezon City).

The New Rizal Library was the highlight of my visit last week, after four years in absentia.

A stairway tribute to the famous Alumni and their opera

The Ateneo Film Directors and their Works.

Arete will soon be a finer addition to the Loyola Complex in 2017. I hope, it will host leading performances in music and arts.

Why are UP's facilities not being upgraded fast enough?

Bento Box:

Gedankenexperimente means daydreaming.

Church of Gesu

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