Wednesday, January 27, 2016

№ 247. Urbi et Orbi

CNN reports about the Trump Phenomenon and this got me thinking.

The U.S., as the lone superpower, sets the agenda for the world. Like it or not, if Trump wrests his way to Washington DC, the ripples of his pompadour will be felt in this far corner of the world. Shouldn't we, at least, take notice and somehow be heard, as well?

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The U.S. President is, to be sure, the de facto leader of the world. That means Trump's policy will affect me--- an Asian, a non-citizen and leaps of miles across the Pacific lake (yes, it has shrunk). And I don't get to say or do anything?! There ought to be a law.

Urbi et Orbi

Remember Bush, Jr.?

His reactionary direction after 9-11 just made Iraq and the greater Middle East more turbulent and knotty. It did not make this world more peaceful. It did make the world even just a wee bit safer. Not safer, even for those who had no participation or influence in the second Iraqi invasion.

The recent events in Paris and the continuing mass migration into Europe because of the instability of conflicts and the toll they inflict on civilians come to mind. Closer to my home, the specter of Isis and other Islamic militants has made security in our country's transportation infrastructures, i.e. city railways, airports, bus terminals and sea navigation, vulnerable and always on alert for threats. I certainly did not vote Bush into power. And neither did I pay taxes to fund his military expedition. So why Mindanao? Why is our NAIA/MRT security a tad hellish to bear?

What will happen if Trump is elected to lead--- the U.S. and, to an unavoidable and warranted extent, the world?

Urbi et Orbi.

He who sits in the citadel is king of the world, indeed.

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To balance the CNN report, here's a podcast of a Patti Solis Doyle

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