Monday, August 1, 2016

№ 285. Friday Dipped in Poetry 2

It is the moment when you can look back on your life so far and see it with different eyes. Hopefully you’ve built up some wisdom, which, as the psychologists define it, means seeing the world with more compassion, grasping opposing ideas at the same time, tolerating ambiguity and reacting with equanimity to the small setbacks of life.

Bento Box:

Compassion. Agility. Tolerance. Equanimity.

Caught Ignacio de Loyola in its last run last night on a whim. I wanted to watch it during the weekend but decided against it because of the crowd. Sunday, July 31 was his feast day. Lo and almighty, the theater was near empty! 

Was what Ignacio accomplished a midpoint reengineering of his life? Pause. Pain, Reflection. Surge. A forced pause and a necessary pain? Then a spell of introspection? And then finally, a surge to commit to a new purpose?

Second chances.

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