Wednesday, March 5, 2014

№ 166. Into the Wilderness

Lent is nigh.
The dessert sings its call.

I must head towards
Its sacred spaces. 

The soul will find its thirst.
Thirst must seek its water.

"And so I think this Lent is an invitation for us to be led by the Holy Spirit into the desert, to accompany our Lord as he withdraws into a lonely place. This Lent is a time for us to unplug a little bit, to cultivate that interiority, to use an old-fashioned but valuable word. Above all, this Lent is a time for us not to be afraid of choosing to be alone, but to trust that, even in our loneliness, indeed especially there, the Spirit of Jesus is with us, drawing us to the Father" (The Virtue of Asceticism).

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