Sunday, April 20, 2014

№ 174. Questions, Questing and Quests

Why should we bother with these deep probing questions? Aren't we anal enough already about our daily stresses? Daily irritations, concerns, preoccupations, mindfulnesses, tasks, streams of distractions, digital connections that all seem to multiply exponentially. 




Dig deep.

What the hell is a Llareta?! Baby llareta? 

This is a Yareta or Llareta, a self-fertile, hermaphroditic, flowering evergreen. You formerly-ignorant, now-informed self.

"Indeed, the exploration of deep time is one of the most powerful elements in Sussman’s work — certainly a scientific concept, in terms of being concerned with biology, geology, and astrophysics, but also very much a philosophical one raising enormously important, if unsettling, existential questions: Why are we here? How can we matter if we’re gone in the blink of a cosmic eye, the metaphorical minute of a Bristlecone Pine’s day? And, most importantly, what gives us the arrogance to consider ourselves atop the hierarchy of living organisms? We extol our intelligence as the uniquely human faculty that sets us apart from other animals, but even our definitions of intelligence are narrowly anthropocentric and based on things we humans happen to be good at. Surely there’s a special kind of biological and existential intelligence in an organism capable of such remarkable resilience — an organism that can outlive us by millennia and witness all of our fleeting struggles while it remains unflinchingly rooted in its particular corner of the ecosystem." (Brain Pickings)

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