Sunday, April 13, 2014

№ 172. Me, My Selfie and I

Who are these millenials hiding inside Gen X suits? 

The world is in capable hands, no? These kids will inherit the earth.

They like selfies, traveling and social networks. Their lives are dipped deep in tech and indulgent ecology. Yes, they swim in it like prehistoric life in the primordial soup.

Are these accurate and fair descriptions? Does it matter?

1. Self-centered,
2. tech driven and savvy,
3. unafraid to explore the physical and virtual realities and the spaces in between,
4. sexually fluid and less inhibited,
5. very visual or aural or make that sensual.

Or, to sync into a more positive spin of their profiles, they're the modern day sybarites,

But wait, let me take a selfie.... Ok, where were we?

You know? The hedonists, sensualists, libertines, pleasure-seekers, epicures, bon vivant, bon viveur. Sounds like the jet-setters. The Hollywood archetypes of live for today and forget your worries, but don't forget to code that web feature and drop it in the cloud.

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