Sunday, May 15, 2011

Chapter 1: In the Beginning….

The email thread below began the big bang (or perhaps, more accurately, the small blip). The idea of a blog had been with me for years now. I just wasn’t prepared with the contents, visuals and the commitment.

As some force would will it, the edited conversation pushed this idea into the blogosphere. I stirred the primordial soup, ignited the burner and… 


Here it is. Idea turned to virtual reality.

I hope it tastes like my favorite adobo dish and mongo soup.

January Roads April 22 at 10:57am

Hi, Google's random hits brought me to your Nostalgia article. I like how you grieved for your "Kule" experience. Well said!

Thanks for accepting an unusual request---we haven't met. I just thought I might enjoy reading more of your thoughts.

Thanks again.

Good Friday Stranger April 22 at 11:03am

Hey. Hello. I thought I might have known you from my blog. What could you have been googling about when you came across that Inquirer... thing. LOL.

Nice to meet you. :)

January Roads April 22 at 11:21am

Usually political stuff, writing, de Quiros, etc. Ah, you have a blog, too. Wait for it, google to the rescue again.... Nice to meet you too!

PS: Knives are dangerous metaphors. They can get tricky! =)

Good Friday Stranger April 22 at 11:31am

The knife blog is for, err, artsy, literary stuff. Do you blog, too?

January Roads April 22 at 11:47am

No, unfortunately. It's too visceral for me. You have to unmask many things. Then watch, quite helplessly, others figure you out and sum you up.

The outcome can be many funny or tragic things:

  • Vultures pick on your liver and guts; 
  • Seers, prophets, oracles and soothsayers try to read the fortunes of civilizations out of your happy meals; 
  • Stalkers love your daily bites and jiggly pieces; 
  • You find your lost Id and Ego and discover their many adventures tucked in the fold of your spiritual exercises; 
  • You create a, umm, what’s the word, relationship with your blog and followers. 
  • None of the above; 
  • All of the above or 
  • Any insane combinations of the above; etc. 

But, who knows? I might just jump in.

Good Friday is the beginning of many revelations. I'm just waiting for my private seven last words.

3 pm.

Bento Box (links, resources or trivia):

The photos were taken at The Ellis Island Immigration Museum, after watching a moving documentary about immigrants from the Old World, “Island of Hope, Island of Tears”


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