Sunday, May 15, 2011

№ 2. Palaui: Sunny & Quiet

Manila at 36˚C is a fusion chamber inside an angry sun. Everything concrete, it seemed, was glowing white. The rest was melting away.

After two hours of greasy and sticky wait at the bus station, the airconditioned bus was a pool of winter. We didn't wait to be called when the blue bus arrived.

The driver read our collective wish: an escape velocity away from the incinerator. And by 2 PM, we finally escaped Manila and headed fast for the highway---light years from the urban heat sink.

Quiet and uncrowded. Not like Boracay's sand and fury.

When we made a turn for the North road, the on board entertainment also began, auspiciously enough, with Ian Veneracion v. Raymart Santiago DVD marathon. Four hours.

Travel is a roll of dice. You adhere to the unpredictability when you sign up.
  But you have to choose your own adventure, enjoy or fizzle out in the heat.

It was almost midnight when we stopped for a quick dinner of Nissin Cup noodles and Mountain Dew somewhere in La Union. Then more DVD entertainment. 

We were quietly settling in on our ride when our long trip through Isabela was interrupted by a cracked windshield. Somebody lobbed something at the bus! (Provoked or inspired by Seiko, Viva and Regal films punchlines?). 

Then, after another long stretch, the axle also fractured.

The conductor said this was a common mishap. It was something cooked up by sleepy residents. They're cranky at the nocturnal traffic, have an accessible supply of projectiles from the Cordillera (stones) and have easy enough targets, all under the cover of the dark. 

Our first day/night thus ended at 6 AM with the injured bus limping towards Tuguegarao.

The weather was sunny but cool, about 28'C. Did I mention the cove was quiet?

Three days later, after the sunny but pleasant (27˚C) island and beach hops (the pictures say it all), we arrived in Manila, near the tail of typhoon Bebeng. Bebeng, having tired of Bicol and NCR, was already headed for Cagayan that day.

Anguib Cove, Sta. Ana, Cagayan

Bento Box (links, resources or trivia):

1. How to get there, where to stay, when to go, etc.

2. All about Santa Ana, Cagayan

3. Note to self: Bring extra batteries, next time, and save the best shots for Cape Engaño Lighthouse. The borrowed picture below will have to do till the next visit. A must. And don't forget to write about the kindness of the Cagayan folks.

A consequence of power failure is a borrowed
photo from Aparrianos 


  1. hello, there. i'm so glad you're blogging! i've said on facebook that your photos are always amazing! now there's a lot of prose to go with the awesome photos, too. :) i think you'll figure out quickly enough who i am when you check my blog. :) i know you're new to blogging but can i add your link to my sidebar already? :)

  2. Gee, thanks! The first ever comment. You win a good brew for your teacup!

    Of course, add away. I'll go for a visit sometime soon.

    Thanks again =)