Saturday, February 1, 2014

№ 159. Batanes Through Square Lenses

These are random images of a second visit to Batanes, last year. 

The Batanes archipelago is the usual alley of typhoons exiting to the north after entering the Philippines from the Pacific Ocean in the east. So the islands see their share of two to three destructive ones every year. Fortunately, the network of roads are again reconnecting the small barangays scattered in the big island of Batan.

Street art in the capital

It is still relatively expensive to fly to Batanes. Because it is the northernmost province, it takes a good one-and-a-half to two-hour flight by propeller plane. 

The locals tell us that there are no ferry boats able to shuttle people from the mainland. The Balintang Channel, they say, acts as rough sea barrier where the West Philippine Sea and the Pacific Oceans converge.

One of the many art pieces by Pacita Abad

Fundacion Pacita offers one of the best views and, arguably, facilities, but it's far from the city and pricey. Depending on one's travel preferences, there are also a few more reasonable accommodations and budget options available. Google always helps.

The blue chairs of Fundacion Pacita
are comfy niches after a lazy lunch.

The weekly sea voyages are Batanes's life line.
But because of very rough seas, the boats strictly
carry cargoes only from Manila.

Tools, techs and provisions for the trip.

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